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The Bioregion Basket

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Bioregions are distinct geographic areas with interconnected plant and animal communities often defined as watersheds. Featured in this basket is the Shasta Bioregion.

In addition to being a beautiful gift, our
Bountiful Bioregion Basket™ is a symbol of sustainability. It showcases the importance of buying locally and the interconnection of urban and rural, people and the environment.

Bountiful Bioregion Basket™ $65.00

Basket includes:

  • 10o.z jar of Bay Area harvested honey,
  • 375 ml bottle of California Organic Olive Oil
  • 375 ml bottle of Herbal Vinegar
  • 375 ml bottle of Blackberry Vinaigrette from Mt.Shasta
  • Mendocino Herb seasoning
  • Packet of organic seeds from Seeds of Change

Also included is an educational description of the specific bioregion the basket goods came from.

The Garden Gift™   $11.95
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The Dinner Sampler   $24.95
A colorful gift box with a marinade, a salad dressing and a bottle of olive oil. - 415.637.2339