Small Village Enterprises ™

Small Village Enterprises works with rural farmers, skilled artisans and sustainable economic development projects world-wide. Through our networks, we bring to you hand crafted products of the highest quality created with respect for nature and people.

We offer services in:
  • Product Development
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Community Outreach
  • Program Development

The Bioregion Basket

San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

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We work with villages transitioning back to organic agriculture and with rural mountain towns transitioning from resource extraction (logging and mining) into diversified local economies. In cities we support urban gardening, greening and entrepreneurship projects.

We bring to the market products of the highest quality while expanding relationships, strengthening local economies and re-connecting with nature and humanity.

Small Village Enterprises
P.O Box 410581
San Francisco, CA. 94141

Proud member of the slow food movement.